Bryant Hills Group LLC is a B2B company providing management, technology and real estate services and advice to small businesses nationwide.

Our business plan is simple — to profit from the success you achieve through our practical services and sustainable advice.

We operate in four arenas: Internet marketing, computer systems, real estate and business management.

Internet Marketing.  Bryant Hills designs, maintains and promotes award-winning websites for professionals in fields ranging from automotive equipment to property tax reduction. show

Computer Systems.  Bryant Hills selects, installs, configures and maintains networked PC systems based on Windows and Linux operating systems. show

Real Estate.  Bryant Hills provides real estate appraisers, brokers, and property tax consultants with specialty services unique to their industry.  show

Business Management.  Bryant Hills acts in an advisory capacity for many of our Internet, Computer and Real Estate clients, but also provides management services directly in several areas. show

The Bryant Hills Group serves a broad range of clients, including: show

We offer a flexible package of services tailored to meet your needs, grow with your business, and expand to include emerging tools and technologies.  Write us or call us today (914-574-2269) to get started.