Suffolk County Property Tax Grievances: New Website

If you live in Suffolk County, NY, listen up.  This message is for you.

You already know you pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation.  And you probably know that the assessments on which your property taxes are based haven’t been re-evaluated for decades.

The upshot?  You’re probably paying more than your fair share of property taxes!  Experts say from 30 to 60% of Suffolk County home owners are over-assessed and paying more tax than they should.

What’s a gal or guy to do?  You can file a property tax grievance pro se — on your own behalf.  And you should if you’re the kind of home owner who files her or his own Form 1040 with two or more Schedules.  But there’s no Form EZ for property tax grievances, and no TurboTax to do the thinking for you.

Elizabeth B. Roche, Property Tax ConsultantDude, you need a Licensed Suffolk County Property Tax Grievance Consultant, and I’ve got the best one for you! Her name is Elizabeth B. (Betsy) Roche, and she’s been slashing property taxes for Suffolk home owners for over 20 years.

I know firsthand because I’ve been her IT guy for most of that time, maintaining her office computers, providing custom tax certiorari software, and producing marketing mailers. And now — big drum roll please — a spanking new website!

I’ve always admired Betsy, who could manage three kids (now grown) and a husband, and run her property tax grievance business more efficiently than the men out there who did nothing else.  (A little reverse sexism;) But more importantly, Betsy is a white-hat practitioner whose methods are ethical, feFacebook profile image for Elizabeth B. Roche, Property Tax Consultantes are modest and who succeeds in most of her outings.  Her success is built on solid case preparation and good professional relations with most of the Town Assessors, leading to many negotiated settlements.

You can get to know Elizabeth B. Roche, Property Tax Consultant for yourself at or at Screenshot of Elizabeth B. Roche, Property Tax Consultant website (two addresses for the same website). The website, which builds on the success I’ve had developing appraisal and tax grievance websites for other clients, includes lots of self-help resources for do-it-yourselfers and straight-forward info, including a video, for the rest of us. And there are mobile versions for web-enabled cellphones and another for smartphones.

Almost forgot.  You can also get to know Betsy on her Facebook business page: What’s not to Like?

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