Real Estate Services

The Bryant Hills Group is not a licensed real estate broker, real estate appraiser or property tax consultant, but we provide expert services to clients who are.

Real Estate ServicesOur websites, blogs and newsletters for real estate professionals, including property managers, are among the most successful in their service areas because we understand real estate and Internet marketing. You provide the basics.  We do the rest.

Our mailers for property tax consultants and for homeowner’s insurance companies are cost-effective because they’re targeted. Using up-to-the-minute data from our long-time partner, COMPS INC., and our own proprietary algorithms, we identify and qualify over-assessed properties for our tax certiorari clients and target new home owners for our insurance clients.

Our custom database and grievance submission software* for residential and commercial tax certiorari clients makes it possible for a sole practitioner to enroll clients, file grievances and appeals, and invoice clients with a minimum of effort.

Internet, software and database solutions for the real estate industry are our business.  Let us implement a solutions package for you, so you can take of your business. To get started, fire off an email or call us at 914-574-2269.

*The Bryant Hills Group has ready-made solutions for New York State practitioners. Please anticipate lead times of 6 weeks and longer for mailers and software for other states.