Windows 10 Upgrade Service

Windows 10: The Ultimate Version

Windows 10 is the ultimate version of Windows. Ultimate meaning both the last and the best.

Windows 10 Upgrade ServiceMicrosoft plans to maintain Windows 10 with automatic updates for the foreseeable future.  That makes it the last version of Windows.

Windows 10 retains all the good features of Windows 7 and 8. And it adds some fun and interesting apps and better menus, too. That makes it the best.

Depending on your hardware, it’s about as fast or faster than Windows 7 and faster than Windows 8.  It’s safer, more reliable and more robust than its predecessors. And it will run your existing programs!

Windows 10 is Free, Sort Of

The upgrade to Windows 10 is FREE for PCs running Windows 7 or 8 if completed by June 29 2016. Compare that to the retail price, which varies from $100 to $200, according to the version and type of media.

So if the upgrade is free, how does Microsoft get paid? By encouraging you to make entertainment purchases — music, videos, movies, games, etc. By tracking you to serve targeted ads. By offering more storage, premium versions, and other upgrades for a fee.

Windows 10 is on track to be the most popular Windows system ever. At the end of August 2015, after just two months, there were 75 million PCs running Windows 10. That includes all the PCs in our regular maintenance program.

Getting Windows 10: Remote Upgrade

You can perform the Windows 10 upgrade yourself by using the Get Windows 10 icon on your toolbar near the clock. If you prefer, we can do it via remote login in two overnight sessions.

The first session prepares your machine. This includes:

  • Stress testing
  • Upgrading critical software
  • Removing malware and unneeded programs
  • Performing hard drive maintenance (files, folders, structure, registry)

The second session installs Windows 10 with a custom Menu (like Windows 7). Your old familiar programs will be right there. But the latest and greatest Windows 10 apps will be there, too.

This includes configuring the system for:

  • Maximum speed and privacy
  • Minimum tracking, nags, and notifications
  • No learning-curve look and feel
  • Custom installation of “missing” Windows 7 games

The Bottom Line

Although the Windows 10 upgrade is free, a professional, no-worries, no-pain installation is not. Pricing starts at $125.

To get started, fire off an email or call us at 914-574-2269.