Computer Services

At Bryant Hills, we no longer make or sell PC systems, but we continue to be a one-stop shop for the computerized equipment you need to run and grow your small business. Tell us about your business and we’ll design a networked system, then select and shop for Windows, Linux and Android components, from desktops, laptops, and netbooks to tablets and smartphones, including routers, printers, scanners, cameras, storage, backup and more.

Computer SystemWe manage your system so you’re free to manage your business. Our services include installation, benchmarking and configuration of new equipment, as well as staff training. For installed systems, we offer on-site and/or remote access monitoring, preventive and emergency maintenance, soft- and hardware upgrades.  Annual maintenance contracts are available.

Our goal is maximal system performance with minimal downtime.  To achieve it, we monitor hardware performance, configure software for speed and efficiency, maintain system backups, update and patch installed programs, and protect your system against viruses and malware with real-time and scheduled scans.

Bryant Hills also provides emergency recovery services, including data recovery, virus and malware removal, and hardware repair and replacement.*  We pride ourselves on rapid response, skilled troubleshooting and diagnosis, and sustainable repair and restoration. On call year ’round and ’round the clock, we provide on-site service in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut within a 75-mile radius of New York City, and remote access service nationwide.

Computer systems are our business.  Let us manage yours, so you can take of your business. To get started, fire off an email or call us at 914-574-2269.

* Major repairs are performed in our associated Bayside, NY facility: Doc-Audio Video