Business Management

We think the best way to grow a small business is from the inside out.  But sometimes you need a little help — call it temporary drop-in management — to beef up your staff, build skills, troubleshoot a problem, or develop a strategy.  That’s where Bryant Hills fits in. Have skills, will travel.

Business Management Services

Personnel.  You won’t confuse us with a refugee from HR (no forms, no paper & pencil tests, no ratings, no corporate-speak), but we’ve hired hundreds and can help you screen, select, and orient candidates for sales, back office, technical, and management positions.

Training.  Hiring right is half the battle.  The other half is motivating, training and evaluating.  The Bryant Hills Group offers on-site help in both classroom and one-on-one settings for sales, office, technical and managerial staff.  We’re not Harvard M.B.A.s, 6-Sigma devotees, or Jack Welch emulators.  Call us contrarians, but call us for results!  Call 914-574-2269.

Marketing.  Everything you say, everything you write, everything you do is marketing. If you’ve got a great small business, you owe it to yourself –and your employees — to get the word out 24/7/365. The Bryant Hills Group can help you do it more effectively.   We’re not talking big money, here, we’re talking about leveraging your assets.  Lots of reach for not a lot of money.

Troubleshooting.  The 21st century solution is simple: Get a new one.  In that regard, Bryant Hills is decidedly Medieval.  We’re not about replacement when sustainable repair is possible. Got a department, a manager, a computer, a website, or — gasp — a business that’s dysfunctional but might be worth fixing?  Give us a call. Troubleshooting is in our genes.

At Bryant Hills, our business management team is always on stand-by, ready to provide the short-term infusion of skills and know-how that can keep your small business growing. Write us or call us today (914-574-2269) to get started.