New How to Stop Smoking Book

I just published a short self-help book on how to quit smoking. The book describes an easy-to-follow program grounded in behavioral psychology. I wrote the program nearly thirty years ago and used it to stop smoking after many abortive attempts using other methods.

How to Stop Smoking: A Behavioral Self-Help Program by an Ex-SmokerSo why another book about smoking cessation?  Search for “how to stop smoking” Kindle books and you’ll get over a hundred results, including mine, How to Stop Smoking: A Behavioral Self-Help Program by an Ex-Smoker. The difference is my book is short, and the program it lays out is both scientific and successful.

The book is short because it doesn’t need to be long.  Renouncing my academic training, I refused to stretch it out by rehearsing the medical literature on smoking, reviewing other methods for quitting, providing a detailed description of the behavioral theory behind it, etc. None of that would make the program easier to implement or more effective.

The book is scientific because it expounds a self-help behavior modification schedule based on the bedrock principles of reinforcement and extinction. These are the principles of operant behavior that inform behavior therapy and behavior modification programs.

Most importantly, the book is successful.  My friends, co-workers and I have used its behavioral program to quit smoking without drugs, therapy, hypnosis, electronic devices, and without undue hardship.  And everyone I know who completed the program remains a non-smoker, years later, without cravings or relapse.  I haven’t smoked a cigarette or wanted to in nearly thirty years.

If you or a friend is a moderate to heavy smoker, using one to three or more packs daily, and wants to quit — no matter the reason — please grab a copy of How to Stop Smoking: A Behavioral Self-Help Program by an Ex-Smoker. It’ll take less than ten minutes to read and could be a life saver, literally.

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