First, Last and Best

In many stores, the best customers of the day are the first and the last.

First In Buy Fast.
The first customers of the day are almost always buyers who know what they want and, generally, it’s a major purchase. These are the folks who decided last night to “get down to the store first thing, before the crowds.”

Last In Take Time.
The last customers are also frequently big-ticket purchasers, but these are the procrastinators and the indecisives. The procrastinators put off the foray in part because they don’t like shopping. They’ll get what they need quickly and leave to put off something else. The indecisives are going to take some time. They’ve been checking out one store after another all day (or week, or month), unable to find the right deal or the right goods. But they need your product now, and it’s come down to the wire. Be patient; they’ll buy.

Too Busy Arriving?
But what about you? Are you ready for the first customer of the day? Or are you “running for coffee”, making a lavatory stop, changing out of street clothes, or busy regaling coworkers with last night’s exploits? Or are you too busy straightening your department, reviewing yesterday’s orders, IMing a buddy, or reading the mail, email, Facebook, newspaper, company bulletins, etc.?

Too Busy Leaving?
What about that last straggler? Are you going to leave him for another associate because (a) you’ve had more than your fair share today, or (b) you’re cleaning up after a long, hard day, or (c) you’re doing the paperwork or closing procedures–“so we can get out of here on time”, or (d) you’re too busy leaving to sell anyone?

Readiness is the Key.
It’s really just a question of time management. Want to be first in sales with no great effort? Be ready for the first customer. Be ready for the last.

Selling Can’t Wait.
No one else will get in your way as you jump to help these customers. But everyone will be jealous when you get off to a good start, and then again when you close the day with a bang. Nothing is more important than selling. Everything else can wait. Coffee, clothes, bathroom, paperwork, email, Facebook, IMs all can be done after the customers leave. Selling alone can’t.

Make it your business to be “up” for the first customers of the day as well as the last. Your sales will be up too!

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