Internet Marketing

I have a website that doesn’t work. Can you fix it?

Yes, but there are two things you need to know up front.  (1) We only work on sites we host and register. The cost of registering your site for two years, moving it, setting it up on our servers, and hosting it for one year is $350.  (2) Sites that don't work -- even those built by professionals -- often have little that can be saved in the way of code, copy, and programming. Of course, we're always up for a challenge!

The website you produced for my competitor dominates the search engines in our market area. Will you build one for me?

Short answer: No, but thanks for asking. Long answer: Our goal for each of our clients is to help them grow their business. Producing a website for a director competitor would augment our profits, but trample our ethics.

Do you bill for websites by the job or the hour?

Complete websites built from scratch are normally billed as a package.  Makeovers, maintenance, and updates are billed at $35 to $95 per hour according to the level of skill required. Special rates are available for non-profits and contract customers.

What does a website cost?

A basic website or makeover for a professional typically costs between $1200-2500. A website for a company with many products, or an organization with lots of services costs $2500 and up. For a free quote, tell us your needs.

What’s included in website hosting?

Webhosting includes up to 500MB of disk space on our optimized servers, up to 5GB of traffic monthly, 24/7 live server monitoring, daily backups, domain email, updates to accommodate browser changes, minor modifications, monthly performance reports, and annual search engine registrations.  Please note: Hosting is limited to sites we're maintaining.

Can I make changes to my website myself?

Yes, your website can be designed so that you can update lists, databases, shopping carts, calendars, etc. and maintain blogs, wikis or forums.  However, for your protection, we never give out the passwords needed to make global changes. Since we don't charge for minor modifications, this policy maximizes both security and flexibility for most users.

If I place my order today, when will my website go live?

We normally launch a basic, placeholder website within 7-10 days of your paid order -- sooner if necessary. The permanent website will be completed a month to six months later depending on our workload, and the size, complexity and urgency of your site.

Computer Systems

Do you provide service to individuals or only to businesses?

Bryant Hills got its start working with individuals and small, home-based businesses and continues to offer service and support to individuals within a 30-minute radius of White Plains, NY.

Do you still make and sell computers?

Bryant Hills continues to install, service, repair, upgrade, and maintains computers systems, but we no longer build computers or sell any parts, accessories or equipment. We offer instead a custom shopping service. After an initial consultation, we'll recommend, then shop for the products that best meet your needs

Business Management

Do you offer training on commercial software?

Bryant Hills doesn't offer step-by-step training for commercial software, but does offer training in using software to accomplish your goals. We'll teach you how to use email effectively, but not how to use Microsoft Outlook.

Do you screen job candidates on- or off-site?

Up close and personal is always best when hiring, but video conferencing is a close second and can be cost-effective for screening and first interviews.  Second interviews should be in person.


I’m in Dallas, you’re in White Plains. Is that a problem?

Not if we don't talk baseball!  Actually, we have clients (and associates) all across the country, from Carolina to California, from Missouri to Minnesota. Today telecommuting -- communication, collaboration, remote management -- from our offices to your business is just as easy cross-country as across town. And, of course, we're happy to travel when necessary.

What is your fee structure?

Like you, we are uncomfortable about businesses that don't publish a fee schedule.  But like doctors, lawyers and other professionals, we don't publish a schedule because our fees range from nil to market rate.

Our mission is to help your business or group grow.  We can't accomplish that by charging outsized fees. So sometimes we work pro bono (think non-profits), sometimes for stock in your company, often on a contingency basis (we believe in ourselves), and at market rates for more substantial organizations. Once we understand your requirements, we'll gladly offer informed solutions at affordable prices.