Getting the Email Through

At its best, email is fast, fun and tremendously productive.  But, like the weather, it’s largely unpredictable.  That’s because it depends on the Internet, which belongs at once to everyone and no one.  In short, no one’s in charge of … Continue reading

Designing for Search Engines

Search engines (e.g. Google, Bing) and directories (e.g. Open Directory) are the White and Yellow Pages of the Internet. A website that isn’t listed is like an unpublished telephone number. Nobody can find it. Here are some design guidelines to … Continue reading

Choosing a Domain Name

Despite the mystique, there’s nothing magic about domain names. A good name, like a good telephone number, won’t make you rich or famous. But a bad name, like a bad number, can make you hard to reach. When it CountsMost … Continue reading

Attracting Repeat Visitors

The effectiveness of a business website, like most advertising, increases with exposure. Here’s how to make your website “sticky,” and get visitors to return. Prospects and Robots. To make a website productive, we need to encourage two very different kinds … Continue reading