Motivation: The Hungry Cat

I have always been fascinated by people who succeed despite themselves. Super Salesman Mac was just such a contradiction. He was a wildly successful appliance salesman who made a humdrum appearance, had very little product knowledge, disparaged customers, and was … Continue reading


“A man without a goal will never know when he reaches it.” Having a goal — something you want to achieve by making sales — is the single most important factor in successful selling. No other element, not knowledge, experience, … Continue reading

What is a Board of Directors?*

The Board of Directors governs the co-op community, planning its growth, monitoring its progress, and resolving problems. Its role in the co-op is crucial, not ceremonial. Its members, elected by the shareholders, need be both willing and able. The annual … Continue reading

Favorite The To-Do List

The experts agree: the single most powerful tool for managing your personal or business affairs is the lowly to-do list. If you’re not making and using a daily to-do list, you’re not getting as much done as you can. What … Continue reading


Good management means getting things done through people. Whether you manage a store, an office, a club, or a household that means delegating tasks and/or responsibilities to others. Delegating does not mean dumping. Proper delegation involves, at a minimum, the … Continue reading